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How Do We Keep Your Office
Clean For Work?

Below is a range of free and offered products (on the left side) that are designed to serve hygiene solutions and maintain a great hygiene standard in a office environment, by eliminating common hygiene problems (on the right side) to overall promote smooth operations and productivity within the office.


Floor Care

Pest Control

  • Involves ensuring all touch points and soft surfaces like desks, cubicles, shelfs, and drapes are wiped down with detergents and water without putting office equipment at risk. 
  • And removing germs, dirt and impurities from surfaces or objects with the right detergent and to lower the risk of  spreading of infection.
  •  Involves spraying a solution on the floor and buffing it with a floor machine which helps bring back luster.
  • Our chemical solution also helps remove embedded soils that mopping or auto-scrubbing alone can’t eliminate.
  • And our partial restorative involves scrubbing the floor to remove one or two coats of carpet stains and damaged floor finish.
  • Involves prevention of pests from taking over your office building,  commonly in dumpsters, trash cans, break rooms, utility rooms, and storage rooms are all typical pest hotspots.
  • We offer complete solutions and exclusive treatment control for office pest.

How Our Cleaning Team
Ensures Your Office Is Clean For Work?

Our cleaning teams go through practical examinations ensuring they are well trained and qualified to practice the best proven methods and techniques to keep your office clean.
Our essential supervision is conducted traditionally where we make sure our cleaning team is using the proven methods and techniques as well as we utilize technological advancements for monitoring and to communicate tasks completed and special instructions given.
Our cleaning team is flexible to ensuring that if one cleaner is not available, another will ready to temporarily fill in to do the same job.

How Do We Keep Your Office
Fresh For Work?

Below is a range of free and offered products (on the left side) that are designed to serve hygiene solutions and maintain a great hygiene standard in a office environment, by eliminating common hygiene problems (on the right side) to overall promote smooth operations and productivity within the office.

Automatic Soap dispensers allow for an easy transition from a standard handwashing regime to one that prevents the spread of germs more effectively.

Manual Soap Dispensers
are not safe and worthwhile to use, because they transmit germs, infections and break over time .

Automatic Air Fresheners ensures the office and restroom smells great and prevents bad odors without having to worry about chemicals or harmful gases. 

Manual Air Fresheners
also require contact and may transmit germs and infections and may wear on your clothes if not used properly.

Automatic Hand Dryers
remove moisture from the skin by evaporation. They can last up to ten years and are more environmentally friendly than paper towels.
CleanOffice Paper Towel Dispenser

Paper Towel Dispensers
may often get stuck forcing you to roll the paper towel out manually which may also expose your hands to gems and infections.

Automatic Hand Lotion Dispensers
After you’re done hand drying Your hands literally become dry, an automatics hand lotion dispenser prevents dry skin.

Dry Hands
Due to washing your hands and drying may afterwards get dry if no lotion is applied.

uses all-natural products to eliminate odors, so the workplace restroom smells clean and fresh all day long preventing restroom bad smell.

Bad Odors
Exposure to bad odors could result in health effects ranging from none, to mild discomfort, to coughing, wheezing or other breathing problems.

How Do We Ensure all
Office Rooms Are Covered?

Our proven cleaning methods and techniques guarantees that all your office rooms and spaces are kept clean from the door step the restrooms and file rooms etc.

The reception is the integral section of your office that welcomes visitors and clients, providing them a waiting area until someone can attend to them.
First impression is important! And being the first place that your clients see, you want to ensure this area boosts the credibility and appeal of your entire business.
This is the area where your team sits and works. Therefore, it is of vital importance that it remains clean and tidy at all times.
A conference room or meeting room is the dedicated space for meetings and conference calls. Being the place where major decision making events take place, you want to ensure that it is immaculately clean and presentable at all times.
Regularly cleaning the kitchen or pantry is imperative! Not only does it minimize the risks of pest infestations like roaches, but it also ensures that all surfaces that come in contact with food are not contaminated with bacteria.
The file room is the space that secures and protects business records while allowing paper shredding and document scanning for your clients.
Regularly cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms or restrooms is vital to eliminating bacteria and pathogens, thus preventing illnesses and infections.

Office Cleaning Checklist

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